Thank you so much for your support.
We will continue to assist children, families
and teachers from 4 schools in Monte Misionero.


At Manos Misioneras, we have been working since 2002 to improve the welfare of the people living in the Misiones rainforest through education, work and the strengthening of community bonds.

Based in the municipalities of Arroyo del Medio and Cerro Azul, located about 70 km from the city of Posadas, we developed a series of projects to improve living conditions and promote self-management in highly socially vulnerable communities.

Lack of access to education, health and justice, exclusion from employment, and domestic violence are some of the problems faced by families living in the Misiones rainforest.

OUR MISSION is to raise awareness about the importance of education for the overall development of people, achieving equity and better perspectives for the future.

We work closely with rural schools No. 337, No. 339 and No. 340 in the towns of Arroyo del Medio, Cerro Azul, and San Juan de la Sierra. We regularly travel to assess the projects’ continuity, analyze new needs, and listen and work jointly with the community.

Our goals:

  • Generate employment and financing for community projects from the local production of Muscovado sugar.
  • Promote and encourage educational careers.
  • Strengthen social networks within the community.
  • Coordinate craft workshops.




We work to bring opportunities for the development of people living in the Misiones Rainforest.

Write us + 549 11 4989 9763


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